POPEYE - Man Up..!

The "Popeye - Man Up..!" was sold to a private guy living in Østerbro, Copenhagen.

He said that; "I need to be reminded to man up sometimes"

It's now hanging in his private office in his appartment

Car Collector in Middelfart

A car collector in Middelfart asked ZORO to make two paintings including two of his cars. A Porsche and a Jaguar.

He wanted to have characters from the comic books with Gaston Lagaffe.

Here you go..!


Bugs Bunny - Vandalism

In Middelfart a young woman fell in love with the Bugs Bunny Painting "Vandalism" after seeing it hanging at Galleri Nørballe.

It now hangs at her cool appartment next to the sea.

Spidey... somewhere in Copenhagen

No words needed



Caution Wet Paint

A danish guy living in Germany close to the boarder to Austria near Salzburg, had been following ZORO for a long time on instagram.

He fell in love with Goofy and Popeye and the "Caution Wet Paint" painting, so while in Denmark on vacation he drove by ZORO´s house and picked up the painting.

It's now hanging in his house in Germany.


"Dream Big" was sold at NL Galerie in Salzburg and is now hanging somewhere in the beautiful city of Salzburg.

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