Dream Big

"Dream Big" 

Now available at in Salzburg, Austria

Contact the owner of the gallery, Nils at;



ZORO now in Salzburg, Austria

ZORO paintings are now available in Salzburg in Austria.

Contack NL Galerie if you are interested

New ZORO wall in Copenhagen

90 years since the birth of Tintin and 50 years since the moon landing. 


The Spiderman canvas hanging nicely in it's new home


New Popeye piece in Kongens Lyngby

ZORO has just finished this gigantic wall at the F24 gas station in Kongens Lyngby - Go check it out if you are in the area - it looks amazing..!

ZORO in Helsingør Multipark

ZORO painted this nice Popeye piece in the beginning of May in Helsingør Multipark

Sylvester - Lost in Space - new print

New Gicleé print for sale

Go to "Prints for sale", or order your copy by mail to


Friday the 20th of April ZORO did a big piece at Bolsjefabrikken in Ragnhildgade in the area between Østerbro and Nørrebro in Copenhagen.

ZORO hadn´t been painting there for more than a year...

Solo show at Galleri

At this exhibition ZORO has made a lot of new canvases with some of his childhood heroes from the comic book world. Spiderman, Tintin, The Spirit, Batman etc.

No white walls please...

A ZORO painting will light up your walls..!

 "Bugs Bunny" lighting up the wall at  Executive Vice President, Gjensidige Insurance, Kim Rud-Petersen

Thank you for your support


"visiting" one of ZORO's paintings at the buyers apartement.

It's always fantastic to see the paintings haging in "real life"


A collection of skateboards by ZORO

If you want a special made skateboard - please contact ZORO


Just Chill Out

Mickey in the sun with his new owners - Thanks for the support

The Joker

The Joker on his new owner's wall - Thanks for the support

Kongens Lyngby, summer 2017

Latest murals by ZORO painted together with PHEO on property in Kongens Lyngby

The Viking

The Viking, Nørrebro 2015

The Viking piece was painted in the summer of 2015 on Nordre Fasanvej together with BATES

It was painted on the gable wall of a housing association facing a petrol station which has now been demolished.

The Viking

...painting The Viking, summer 2015